Basic Rail

To integrate a flexible suspension picture-hanging system into your home can be done easily and quickly with our basic rail systems. In three easy steps you attach most of our rails on your wall

Basic Rail

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You want a flexible picture rail suspension system for your interior that is also easy to apply? Our Basic Rails collection offers you the solution. This assortment consists of 3 brands, each with its own design, color and weight carrying capacity.

A click system is used for all brands to be able to snap the rail onto the pre-fitted fastening clips. The execution and the price are of course different for each brand. In your selection you have to pay attention to the weight of your work of art, so that you can take into account the maximum load capacity per meter of the relevant rail. Furthermore, there are important differences in details per brand.

On the Newly and GeckoTeq rails the fastening of the suspension wire disappears completely into the rail and the Newly Duo version is suitable for attaching both a wire or rod with U-top in the rail. Also note which rail can or can not be mounted “ceiling-flush”. When ordering, you can choose at the same time the matching accessories. These rails can also be painted in the color of the wall.