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Newly R20 rail 200cm

Newly R20 Rail in white

1201200 / K8-R2

this rail is 200cm, has a weight carrying capacity of 20kg and is available in 2 colours

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Newly Railclip - 2 colours £0.72
Newly R-Rail Screw - 3.5x45mm £0.09
Newly Universal Wall Plug - 6mm £0.05
Newly R20 Endcap £0.80
Newly 2,0mm Twister Perlon Wire £3.42
Newly H10 2mm Mini Spring Hook - 4kg £0.90
Newly H50 Mini Hook - 5kg £1.44
Newly H100 Ratched Hook - 20kg £4.77
Newly R20 Corner Connector £1.00
GeckoTeq Concrete Drill - 6mm £1.45
GeckoTeq Pozidrive PZ 2 Bit £0.82
GeckoTeq Bit holder £3.72
GeckoTeq mini hacksaw incl. 1 Blade £4.09
GeckoTeq spare hacksaw blade £0.82
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Now with free drill template! The Newly R20 Rail is meant for someone who wants the looks and properties of the Newly R10 Rail but has to carry more weight and can be used with both suspension rods and/or Twister and Cobra. You can see this rail as a combination between the Artiteq Classic Rail and Artiteq Click Rail Pro. It is an ideal picture hanging system for galleries and exhibitions, but also suitable for a contemporary interior. Decorations can be changed very quickly from position thanks to the open J-shape, but this can also be done to the wall decorations that you hang up by means of a Twister and/or Cobra. Newly is the only one that uses these fantastic ways of hanging, all put together in one rail. An added bonus is that this rail can carry more weight than the Artiteq Classic Rail (20 kg) and STAS J-Rail (25 kg) combined! 

This rail is 200 cm long and has a weight-carrying capacity of 30 kg per meter. The Newly R20 Rail can be mounted on the wall or ceiling and is supplied without wires or hook. No mounting materials are included.


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3 business days
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Wall mounting
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