Ceiling Rail

Transform your suspended ceilings into a virtually invisible picture frame suspension place! The ceiling rail is specially designed for mounting and attaching to the wooden side-bar of the ceiling.

Ceiling Rail

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A very smart and at the same time nice way to "hide" your picture rails. With many suspended system ceilings, the wooden side rail is already in place, which makes it very easy for you to attach this rail. You can fasten the rail when placing it along a wall in a very simple way: the fastening flange is located on the front side and the rail against the wall, so that the artwork hangs flat against the wall. Incidentally, you can use this ceiling rail anywhere that there is enough support in the ceiling system.

No system ceiling? No problem - this rail can also be attached directly to a wooden or concrete ceiling. But do’t forget to order the plugs when attaching to a concrete ceiling. With these rail systems, it is also very easy to exchange works of art or objects. And for the office, a "Whiteboard" also easily hangs in the right place and height with our special whiteboard bracket system.

All three brands have a max. Load capacity of 20 kg. per meter and a choice of three colors. Tip: you can easily transport these basic rail systems with the wall, ceiling or wall. When ordering you can choose the corresponding accessories.