Artiteq Deco Ornament Rail wit primer - 200cm

Artiteq Deco Ornament Rail

0575100 / K8-R2

this rail is 200cm with a weight carrying capacity of 20kg and only available in a white primer finish

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Artiteq Click Rail Screw - 3.5x45mm £0.06
Artiteq Universal Plug - 6mm £0.06
Artiteq CX 110 Gesimsleiste basic £12.67
Artiteq CX 126 Cornice Moulding modern £21.16
Artiteq CX 213 Cornice Moulding classic £39.19
Artiteq FX210 Glue £12.20
Artiteq FDP500 Glue £5.83
Artiteq 2mm Twister Perlon Wire £3.25
Artiteq 2mm Steel Twister Wire £5.34
Artiteq 2mm Twister Suspension Rod in 2 colours £5.99
Artiteq Self-Locking Ratchet Hook - 15kg £3.10
Artiteq Mini Hook - 4kg £0.84
GeckoTeq Concrete Drill - 6x100mm £2.62
GeckoTeq Pozidrive PZ 2 Bit £0.99
GeckoTeq Bit holder £4.50
GeckoTeq mini hacksaw incl. 1 Blade £4.99
GeckoTeq spare hacksaw blade £0.99
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With the Artiteq Deco Rail, 2 unique products from Orac and Artiteq are brought together. The Artiteq Deco-Rail is available in combination with 3 Orac cornices: a basic cornice, a modern cornice, and a classic cornice. An optimal way of exhibiting: both the Deco-Rail and the Twister are hidden behind the cornice due to the unique design of the profile. In the Artiteq Deco-Rail, a "suspension cable" or "suspension rod" can be screwed-and-clicked-in. It is no longer necessary to slide-in from the side.

The big advantage of this is that the cornices (also in the corners!) can be seamlessly glued to each other, without negatively influencing the effectiveness of the art-hanging system. For the mutual joining of the cornices, you choose DecoFix Extra, which guarantees a perfect splicing (seam joint). This white Deco Rail is 200 cm long and has a weight-carrying capacity of 20 kg per metre. It can be attached to the wall, as well as the ceiling.


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White primer
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3 business days
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Wall mounting
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