Gallery Rail

The Gallery Rail is a picture suspension system that is often used in a gallery and with exhibitions. Thanks to the open J-shape your decorations can hang safely and are easily interchangeable

Gallery Rail

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A suspension system that gives you flexibility. For example, you want to be able to quickly exchange artworks and images at an exhibition, art hall, gallery or presentation. That means without extra tools. The J-Rail is the best answer and the letter "J" is the exponent. The shape of the J is in fact used as a suspension hook.

You can easily lift a J-hook from the rail from the ground without using a setladder or chair. From the information on the images you can conclude that two types of J-Rails are offered: a load capacity of 20 kg or 100kg per meter. The versions are, however, different.

Moreover, there is a very clever system from Newly, for both rods and wires, that weighs up to 50 kg per meter. The latter is only available in white. When ordering you can choose the corresponding accessories. The Newly rail can however easily be painted.