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Artiteq J-Rail Classic+ - 200cm (incl. alle schroeven en pluggen)

Artiteq J-Rail Classic+

94318 / K8-R3

this rail is 200cm, has a weight carrying capacity of 100kg and is available in 2 colours


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Artiteq 3m U-Top Suspension Rod steel round £1.89
Artiteq 4x4mm U-Top Suspension Rod alu white £5.65
Artiteq Classic Rail Screw - 3.5x45mm £0.05
Artiteq Universal Plug - 6mm £0.05
Artiteq 3mm U-Top Suspension Rod white round £2.14
Artiteq 3mm Sliding Spring RVS - 20kg £0.74
Artiteq 4x4mm U-Top Suspension Rod white £9.96
Artiteq Clamping Hook 4x4mm alu £1.90
Artiteq Clamping Hook 4x4mm steel £5.20
Artiteq Mini Hook - 4kg £0.75
Artiteq Self-Locking Ratchet Hook - 15kg £2.93
GeckoTeq 2mm Perlon wire for Classic Rail £2.77
GeckoTeq 2mm Steel Wire for Classic Rail £2.96
GeckoTeq Concrete Drill - 6x100mm £2.62
GeckoTeq Pozidrive PZ 2 Bit £0.71
GeckoTeq Bit holder £3.45
GeckoTeq mini hacksaw incl. 1 Blade £3.99
GeckoTeq spare hacksaw blade £0.99
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The Artiteq Classic Rail+ is a wall profile that is often used in galleries and for exhibitions, but is also suitable for the contemporary interior. It is specially designed for hanging up heavier decorations, up to 100 kg, which with this system, can also be hung up safely. Due to the open J-shape, decorative displays can be quickly changed.

This Classic Rail+ is 200 cm long and has a weight-carrying capacity of 100 kg per metre. It comes in white or aluminum and is attached to the wall.


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