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STAS Multirail Crown - 200cm

STAS Multirail Crown

RC10420 / NV
this rail is 200cm with a weight carrying capacity of 20kg and only available in a white

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STAS grey Wall Plug - 6mm £0.07
STAS 2mm Cobra Perlon Wire £3.00
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STAS Self-Locking Zipper Hook - 15kg £2.98
STAS Multirail Conductor straight - 12V £2.00
STAS Multirail Conductor corner - 12V £2.80
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GeckoTeq spare hacksaw blade £0.99
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The STAS multirail crown system is a unique and patented painting suspension system for direct screw fastening to the wall and is equipped with a 12V lighting rail. The STAS multirail crown is an exceptionally sturdy and solid profile. The rail can be almost completely hidden using an ornamental frame or a STAS moulding. Easily moveable light fittings can be clicked anywhere you like on to the rail, for example to spotlight your wall decorations with LED or halogen lamps.

The STAS multirail crown system is suitable for newly built and existing properties and very appealing in classical buildings. The rail is easily installed by handy DIY enthusiasts and professional mechanics. STAS multirail crown is fastened to the wall. You can use white painted screws for this. The rail can be perfectly plastered in by integrating the rail into a plaster ornamental frame as desired or one of the STAS mouldings. Also, a plaster or foam decorative frame can be glued onto the rail, but bonding at some distance below the ceiling also gives a perfect look. Corner connections can be created by mitering the rail.

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