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Newly R10 rail 200cm

Newly R10 Rail - ceiling flush


200cm in length with a weight carrying capacity of 20kg. Available in 2 colours.

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Mini Picture frame hanging system – now with free “Drilling Jig”.

The R10-rail is the perfect alternative for standard solutions at home as well as at the office, school, or shop etc. The Newly R10-rail is an elegant solution, as the rail is minimal and the attachment of the rail can be fully integrated.

Unique points:
No visible wire ends
Strong – 20kg per m1
Unique 5 year factory guarantee.
Compact & elegant hanging rails.
The wall clip is also the rail connector.
Can be mounted flush against the ceiling.
The possibilities to drill the screw hole at an angle and still mount the clips straight to the wall.
Can be painted over, without the use of a primer coat.
Because of the (free) Drilling Jig all the screw holes always in the correct places.

Technical Information:
Aluminium extrusion.
158 grams of aluminium per m1
RAL 9016 (white) or anodised (silver)
17mm x 11,7mm (HxD)
Available in 2 metre lengths
Individually packed.


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