Paper Rail

A practical paper presentation system, ideal for sharing information at home, school or office. 

Paper Rail

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How to hang up posters, photos, drawings and other light documentation without the hassle of masking tape, tape, nails, etc.? With a info rail, this is a thing of the past.

What is an info rail?
An info rail, also called paper rail, has been specially developed for hanging light documents.
The big advantage is that no visible holes or other damage occur anymore.
The info rail is easy to assemble and can also be connected or shortened where necessary.
With the 3-fold clamping, all light documents (for paper from 80 gr per m2 up to 2mm thick cardboard) are clamped in the Info Rail.
The paper rail is attached to the wall and comes complete with end caps and all wall mounting materials.

There are 2 types of info rails:
    Artiteq Info Rail: This is the basic model that is mainly used for light documents. Because of the rubber clamping system it is less suitable for the heavier types of paper and cardboard.
    The AOS Paper Rail: The basic + model from our own line, which is extremely suitable for the heavier types of paper and cardboard because of the roller clamping system.

You use an info rail for:
The Info Rail is an ideal way to share information.
For example, think of:
    Advertising messages
    Shopping lists

In schools paper rails are often used for information for pupils, projects, drawings and paintings of the children and of course much more.
Hospitals also make frequent use of info rails. In the hospital, simple and temporary sharing of information is very important.
For example for patient information, children's drawings, get well cards, daily menus, et cetera.
In the agricultural sector too, the rails are popular for having information about the animals in a specific barn, but also for hanging up feeding schedules and other temporary information.

In offices, paper rails are used, among other things, for construction drawings and general temporary information for staff.
And even within the catering industry, use is made of info rails to organize the vouchers.
Would you like to buy an info rail?
Whatever you want to hang on, we have an appropriate info rail.