GeckoTeq All Wooden Gallery Wall Picture Rail

GT0250 / K8-R4

This rail is 200cm and has a weight carrying capacity of 15kg per meter and comes in a untreated finish

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Artiteq Click Rail Screw - 3.5x45mm £0.06
Artiteq Universal Plug - 6mm £0.06
Artiteq Gallery Hook Small - 12,5kg £0.45
Artiteq Gallery-Hook Large - 20kg £0.60
GeckoTeq 2mm Perlon Wire with Loop Glass Clear £0.92
Artiteq Mini Hook - 4kg £0.84
Artiteq Self-Locking Ratchet Hook - 15kg £3.10
GeckoTeq Concrete Drill - 6x100mm £2.62
GeckoTeq Bit holder £4.50
GeckoTeq Pozidrive PZ 2 Bit £0.99
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GeckoTeq Traditional Gallery Picture Hanging System in wood. This Gallery Rail "Classic" is 2 meters in length and is made of unpainted Pine wood. You attach the rail to the wall by means of 5 screws and plugs (please select these above) per rail.

You can paint or varnish this rail yourself and it has (subject to being properly installed) a weight carrying capacity of 15kg per meter. The rail will "lean forward" by approx. 24-25 mm

When placing your order for the hooks, please indicate in the comments the colour (of the hooks) you require.


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