STAS Evoluon 200 cm aluminium Wall Rail with installation kit


Specifically for curved or undulating walls

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From now on, curved walls can also be used optimally with the STAS Evoluon Wall Rail. The STAS Evoluon Rail has been specially developed for curved walls, but this rail is just as easy to mount on straight walls or (slightly) undulating walls.

Choose above the suspension sets you want to use. When taking the combinations, keep in mind:
STAS Evoluon rail can carry 20 kg per meter
STAS Evoluon hook with perlon cord with glider and Zipper can carry 15 kg per set
STAS Evoluon hook with steel cable with slider and Zipper can carry 20 kg per set

Contents installation kit:
7x Evoluon rubber wall supports
1x Evoluon bending aid
7x plugs and screws


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