AOS perlondraad/koord met haak 2mm

GeckoTeq 2mm Perlon wire for Classic Rail

GT0071 / K2-R9

This wire has a weight carrying capacity of 15kg

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STAS 2mm Smartspring Mini Hook - 4kg £0.87
Artiteq Mini Hook - 4kg £0.75
GeckoTeq Self-Locking Picture Hook - 15kg £2.76
GeckoTeq Stabilizing Guide £0.49
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This GeckoTeq classic stainless steel and Perlon J-Hook cable is manufactured from the highest quality materials and offers a very secure and reliable hanging solution in combination with the Classic and Classic + J Rails, instead of the traditional rods. The exclusive J-rail hook connector ensures that the cable runs smoothly and straight along the wall. This wire has a weight carrying capacity of 15kg


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