Perlon with Twister

The Twister offers the most logical way of hooking in: screw in, click and ready. You hang your art directly in the desired place; anywhere.

Perlon with Twister

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You need only a picture hanging rail with the opening at the bottom  to be able to attach the Twister fitting. Newly, GeckoTeq and Artiteq have rails that are suitable for this. Once inserted, you will only see a small button on the top of the Perlon wire or steel wire. Do not forget – as this fitting secures the wire into the rail itself - that a ratched- or screw hook is always still required.

The Twister fitting has a "half-turn system" and that means that you only have to push it into the rail and then turn it half a turn. Moving the Twister is of course also simple: roll back half a turn, move it and fix it again by half a turn. Optically a beautiful system.