Artiteq Micro perlondraad 1mm met twister

Artiteq 1,0mm Slimline Twister Perlon

3021150 / K2-R1

this wire has a weight carrying capacity of 5kg and can only be used icw a 1,0mm Micro Hook

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Please note : This wire can only be used icw an Artiteq 1,0mm Micro Hook - 304100.

This is our Slimline perlon wire, which is 1,0mm and is made of transparent plastic, ensures a reliable hanging system that is hardly visible because of its transparency. The perlon wire is equipped with a twister. The Twister offers the most logical way of hooking: turn, click and go! Hang your art directly to the desired location; at any location.

The Twister is a unique innovation that enables you to attach quickly and easily, to move and remove. Suitable for Newly R10, R20 and R30, Click Rail, Click Rail Pro, Top Rail, Combi Rail Pro Light, Art Deco Strip and Rail. The twister is supplied with perlon wire with a thickness of 1.0 mm and has a maximum weight-carrying capacity up to 5kg.

These wires are not suitable for the various STAS rail profiles. Only in combination with 1,0mm micro hook.


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