Steel Wires

The steel cable is in comparison to the perlon wire more suitable for the suspension of heavier wall decorations with the Zipper or PHS self-locking ratchet hook up to 20 kg per cable.

Steel Wires

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Steel wires basically have the same function as Perlon wires with the difference that they can be used when hanging heavier artworks or objects. The greater strength of steel wire has the opposite side that it is more visible than Perlon wire. But safety also requires something.

The steel wire uses the same fixings on the rail. The rail you choose or have chosen largely determines the type of attachment you can use. The Twister fitting is a brilliant find. It can be used with all rail types with a groove on the underside. You can enter the Twister there at any desired location, and you then only have to give it a half turn to lock it into place. The removal obviously goes in reverse order.

The Cobra fitting requires its own suitable rail. The Cobra is therefore easy to snap into the underside of the rail and to position it vertically downwards.

The Loop fitting listens less critically, wherever a hook is present, in a rail or on a wall, the loop attachment can be used.

Finally, the hook fastening can be used with a so-called Classic or Galerie rail. When ordering, you can choose from the corresponding versions and sizes the corresponding accessories.