STAS 2mm Steel wire with Soft glider 200 cm - 15kg


is used with the Stas Evoluon Rail.

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STAS Steel wire with Soft glider 200 cm is steel cord which is used for hanging wall decorations. The length of the steel wire is 200 cm and can be used in combination with the Evoluon Rail suspension system or Qubic Hangers, together with the Smartspring or Zipper suspension hook. The cord has a load capacity of up to 4 kg in combination with the Smartspring and a load capacity of up to 20 kg in combination with the Zipper. The cord is transparent and colors automatically with the background of the wall, this creates an ultra elegant and subtle hanging system. This avoids striking cords on the wall, because with this stylish system your Art hangs gracefully on the wall.

All our elegant STAS suspension systems are made of high quality. This way your Art is guaranteed to hang securely on the wall. Give your Art what it deserves.


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