Presentation systems

These products are especially designed for the easy hanging of photo's, posters and work- drawings.

Presentation systems

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Not everything can be digitally presented and it is nice that we have all possible physical means to be able to present these items in a representative way. A sleek and professional presentation gets attention and a cluttered wall with haphazardly attached images you do not want to do to the visitors.

We offer a huge selection of smart presentation tools such as an Info Rail, the Display-it set or the Solo set. Magnetic GoodHangUps that can be mounted on any wall, offer a smart solution to hang around as much info material as you want. The already mentioned Solo set offers you the possibility to hang plates with example photos that are thicker than 3 mm.

The further tools range from magnetic “Mice” to Poster Snaps and from Memo rails to Spacer holders. To prevent having to bring all kinds of tools, you can also order small items such as hex keys and wall plugs.