Foam Board Hangers

The best Twist-in Hooks for all your Foam Boards and soft Ceiling Panels.

Foam Board Hangers


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Foam cardboard hangers

GeckoTeq also has smart solutions for soft material, so that you can still hang up something: the Foamboard and Softboard Spikes. It is the simplicity that it does. Tape and paper clips, material that is sometimes used to hang on soft ceiling plates, are no longer necessary.

The thickness of the foam board or ceiling panels does not matter. You push the hook with the arrowhead into the material and on the other side there is a loop from where you can hang the posters or announcements. In combination with these hangers, for example, the GeckoTeq double ceiling hooks are the solution.

If you no longer need the Foam Carton Ceiling Stick at a certain location, it is a matter of turning the hook a quarter turn and pulling it out of the material. This way you can continue to reuse the GeckoTeq double Foam Cardboard Ceiling sticks endlessly.