GeckoTeq Twist n’ Hook Foam board hangers

GT0196 / K4-R9

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GeckoTeq Double-Ended Ceiling Hooks - per 25 pieces £3.95
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Twist N' Hooks are a popular tool used for hanging and displaying foam boards of all kinds, including foam core and gator board materials. They are easy to use, and are simply twisted into the core of the board on the top hanging edge, just like a screw.

The threaded tip holds well to the foam centre of mounting boards and offers a secure way to hang. It is thin enough that it won't penetrate through the board’s facing of a standard 5mm thick foam board or anything thicker. There is a hole at the top of the hanger than can either have a nail or screw driven through it to mount directly onto a wall, or can have a cord strung through it to hang to a pole, from the ceiling, and more. ready to display your foam board presentations without taking up floor space or spending a ton on stands?

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