GoodHangups turns your wall into a magnet board and is perfect for hanging Posters, Prints, Photos, Cards, and much more. No Holes. No Damage. All fun!


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These are actually small miracles due to their simplicity. GoodHangUps are Magna stickers that adhere to many surfaces such as to walls, doors, brick  and wood. The metal plate, the Magna sticker, which you attach to the wall, has a sleek metal surface on the front. With the included magnets you can hang up everything; paper, photos, posters, etc. you name it.

The nice thing about this product is that the Magna sticker can be removed for re-use. The weight of the object you want to hang depends on the type of wall on which the sticker is attached and the thickness, size and weight of the object that you want to hang. As for the wall, with the GoodHangUps you will not be punished afterwards by holes or damage.

The GoodHangUps magnets are also available separately. Do not forget to order GeckoTeq alcohol wipes to make the surfaces completely dust and grease free.