Magnetic Paper Clamps

Self-adhesive magnetic clip for hanging notes and announcements.

Magnetic Paper Clamps

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GeckoTeq DURAFIX® - Just Stick & Fix!

Memos, Notes, Reminders, Messages - In our professional life information is still very much in paper form. To ensure nothing important is lost in the chaos of notes and notices, GeckoTeq offers a solution that is as clever as it is functional. 

GeckoTeq DURAFIX® is available in 3 size variants: Clip - perfect for sticking notes and reminders to your screens or home appliances so they don't get lost. Rail - Ideal for displaying notices and documents in the workplace in 2 handy sizes.

GeckoTeq DURAFIX® is quick and easy to attach to any smooth, load baring surface and requires no tools. It will also not leave any residue to give you a bubble-free and uniformed appearance on both sides when applied to glass.