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GeckoTeq Durafix magnet strip 210mm - selfadhesive packed per 5 - 2 colours

GT0233 / OP-K8

Self-adhesive magnetic clip for hanging notes and announcements.

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Strip: 210 x 17mm - available in 2 colors
Self-adhesive magnetic strip for hanging documents. Stick the magnet on the surface of your choice, open the clip, place the document and close the clip.
With GeckoTeq DURAFIX® you can hang up documents super fast:
• Magnetic strip for documents in A4 vertical format
• Self-adhesive mounting on smooth surfaces such as cabinets, glass doors, whiteboards, etc.
• Leaves no glue residue when removing
• Attach top or side, depending on the space required
• Bubble-free mounting on both sides of glass
• Dimensions: 210 x 17 mm (W x H)