Paper Rail Hanging Systems

The info rail and paper rail are ideal systems for quickly and easily hanging light documentation in a neat and orderly manner. No more hassle with tape and thumbtacks.

Paper Rail Hanging Systems

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Paper Rail

Suspending various sizes of paper products requires smart solutions. By that we do not mean a roll of self-adhesive tape to stick paper to glass or a wall at the four corners, but an efficient and attractive solution such as the Paper Rail, paper clamps and clips.

It is renowned brands such as Artiteq and GeckoTeq that offer useful solutions and that can be used permanently. The paper object remains removable and will not be damaged.

The range consists of hangers, clamps, clips and rails. There are even personal clips so that the name of the maker is immediately visible in schools or presentations.

Rails come in various lengths and, of course, end caps have also been considered. Thanks to the wide selection of materials and prices, you can always find a solution that suits you and your budget.