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Clip Hanger for Info Rail - 59 x 8 x 23mm

Lots of drawing and craft activities take place in schools. A handmade spider or a colourful boat made from an old toilet roll and lolly sticks, all centring around a certain season or theme at school. Craft projects that don’t come into their own until they are hung from strings. The children want to proudly display these beautiful handmade items to everyone. But what do you hang them on? The Clip Hanger is a small hook, which can easily be attached to the Info Rail.

With a simple click, the Clip Hanger is attached to the Info Rail, allowing the craft project to be hung up. In combination with the ME-clip, the children’s creations can be presented in a fun and personal manner resulting in proud children!

Details for extra hook Info rail clip hanger in black:
The extra hook Info Rail Clip Hanger is designed as an accessory for the Info Rail and Info Rail Me. The Clip Hanger is a hook made of plastic, which can be easily and quickly clipped at any point on the aluminium rail. The black hook is suitable for hanging photos, headphones and light school supplies or utensils.


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