Photopanel Hanging Systems

Have you recorded a beautiful memory and have it printed on acrylic or DiBond? These suspension sets are a perfect suspension system for Plexiglass, Forex, Plywood and Acrylic sheets with a thickness of up to 6 mm.

Photopanel Hanging Systems

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DiBond Clamps

GeckoTeq, as well as Newly and ArtiTeq offer a solution to hang DiBond or other thin sheet material using wall clamps. But apart from DiBond this is also possible with Plexiglas, Forex, Triplex, Glass, Mirrors or Acrylic.

From very simple to very smart, you will find very practical applications here, to hang a plate object as invisibly as possible or to attach it to the wall.

The clamps are supplied in sets and can handle a maximum thickness of 6 mm.