Artiteq postersnaps per 2 stuks

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GeckoTeq Aluminium Poster Snaps (Set)

GT0450 (A2) / K8-R10

per set of 2 pieces (1x Top & 1x bottom) available in various sizes

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GeckoTeq mini hacksaw incl. 1 Blade £4.99
GeckoTeq spare hacksaw blade £0.99
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For the hanging up of posters, drawings, memo's and/or advertising material, there are various art-hanging systems available.

This is a self-clamping GeckoTeq system that can also be hung from a picture hanging rail with a ratchet hook and wire.

Note : The 100 & 120 cm versions have a slightly different profile. Please refer to the images.

GT0450 (A2)

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