Sign Standoff Systems

Have you recorded a beautiful memory and have it printed on acrylic or DiBond? These Stand-offs are a perfect suspension system for Plexiglass, Forex, Plywood and Acrylic sheets with a thickness of up to 10 mm.

Sign Standoff Systems

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Wall Stand-offs

GeckoTeq is a specialist in Wall Stand-offs. With hanging systems, the top and bottom of the photo plate often hang against the wall. With some other systems, the top of the plate can hang a little loose from the wall and the bottom can just rest against the wall. This is not a pretty sight and to prevent this, there are Wall Stand-offs.

Wall Stand-offs can be supplied in various sizes and can also be used beautifully with transparent materials or glass. Even the corresponding Allen key has been considered.

There are also simple self-adhesive spacers made of plastic (PVC bumpers) available that you can attach on the lower corners at the rear.

In all cases, your artwork will hang neatly parallel to the wall.