Suspension Cable System

Especially created for Estate- and Travel Agents for optimal wall- and window presentation. Change the content of the perspex panels quickly and easily and combine them in any horizontal or vertical presentation combination.

Suspension Cable System

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These sets are available in many versions and 3 sizes, both for fixed and flexible assembly. The nice thing is that you can combine this cable set (per row) with large and small "pockets". This makes it possible to create numerous presentation options.

Display-It is a fine example, which also has many business applications and can be also easily combined with the painting hanging systems. Display-It Economy, on the other hand, can be fixed to the wall. In both cases  Perspex "Pockets" can be coupled in various sizes alongside each other.

The tension cable systems together with the perspex "pockets" offer an extremely practical solution for business presentations and personal applications in, for example, estate agents, shops, institutions or hospitals