Mini Rail

If you are looking for an elegant and practically unnoticable picture hanging system, then take a look at our GeckoTeq Mini Wall Rail or the patented Newly R10 and Stas mini rails. Together they are the the smallest and most innovative in the world.

Mini Rail

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If you want an elegant ceiling and hardly noticeable suspension system, then the Mini Wall rail system offers the solution. As little visible as possible without losing functionality; that is the characteristic of the Mini Rail.

The suspension system is easy to assemble while you have the choice of three brands. Of these 3 brands there is 1 that can be mounted ceiling-flush and all  are attached to the wall. Furthermore, there are important differences in details per brand. In this way, the fastening of the suspension wire completely disappears in the Newly Rail.

Additionally you can choose between different weight carrying capacities per meter rail: 10,15 and 20 kg. This depends, of course, on what you will eventually hang up on the minirail, as with both brands you can choose from two different colors. When ordering you can choose immediately the corresponding accessories. If you wish, you can make the rail even less conspicuous by painting it in the color of the wall